So what can you do with Relax?

  • Define your ReSTful services via the OpenAPI/Swagger JSON syntax
  • Export your documentation to:
    • HTML
    • PDF
    • Trac Wiki Markup
    • Mediawiki Wiki Markup (CodexWiki)
  • Use the "Relaxer" API Test tool to test your RESTful web service enpoints
  • Use the "Relaxer" API Test too to test against ANY RESTful service
  • Keep a history of your latest Relaxed test requests so you can rebuild your request and test again
  • Programmatic DSL for configuration of your RESTful services (Deprecated as of v2.3)


  • Lucee 4.5+
  • ColdFusion 10+


Use the box-cli to install

box install relax

Or, to install the bleeding-edge version

box install relax@be

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