Global Params

This section is optional and only used if you would like to describe the HTTP parameters that your service will listen to in a global manner. For example, if you require a security token to ensure every request has been authenticated, or a format variable you would want to take advantage of this feature. As with the variables defined before these are an array of structures with the following keys:

Variable Type Description
name string The name of the HTTP Header
description html or string A string or HTML description of your HTTP header. This can be whatever you like.
type string The type of the HTTP header, usually it could be string, boolean, numeric, binary, etc.
required Boolean Whether the header is required for any calls or not. The RelaxURL console will use this value if used.
default any A default value the header is associated with if not passed or sent to the service.

Here a sample:

// Global API Parameters
this.globalParameters = [
    // Sample global parameter, Available keys: name,description,required,default,type
    {name="apikey",description="The apikey needed for request authentication.",required=true},
    {name="format",description="An optional format variable used for content negotiation",required=false, default="json"}

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