• Standardizes OpenAPI specification

  • Relax DSL marked as deprecated ( EOL @ 4.0.0 )

  • ACF Compatibility updates

  • PDF/HTML Export strategy updates

  • UI Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Relaxer Test Tool UI and history replay improvements

  • ACF Compatibility updates

  • Performance enhancements for OpenAPI doc parsing

  • Improvements to $ref parsing and recursion

  • Relaxer service not sending form data correctly

  • Refactoring of Relaxer to support typed API on calls to HTTP

  • Relaxer not sending http proxy ports

  • Relaxer not sending right name for params

  • PDF Export Capabilities


  • Migrates core OpenAPI parsing to swagger-sdk module

  • Implements one-click route population and testing in API test tool

  • Misc bug fixes and additional support for recursion


  • [RELAX-25] - SSL support for assets

  • Converts development workflow to user Grunt/SASS/RJS Optimizer

  • [RELAX-5] - Implements OpenAPI Specification as Relax default

  • Implements backward compatiblity for RelaxDSL

  • [RELAX-3] - Relaxer is now async

  • [RELAX-11] - Relaxer functionality is now rendered in-page

  • [RELAX-7] - Udates DSL Documentation to use dynamic JS Templating

  • Documentation loading is now async

  • Adds OpenAPI specification documentation

  • Exports for Trac and WikiMedia are now async

  • Import issues resolved and converted to async

  • Converts code highlighter from SyntaxHighlighter to Prism.js


  • [RELAX-22] - Updated build scripts for using DocBox

  • [RELAX-23] - Travis CI integration for tests

  • [RELAX-24] - Update of all dependencies of the shell tester

  • [RELAX-21] - Update StringBuffer to StringBuilders

  • [RELAX-4] - Remove dependency on sessions

  • [RELAX-12] - Sample API is excluded

  • [RELAX-20] - The Resource URL changes for every code change, updated internal hash to pattern hash

  • [RELAX-1] - Implement display and DSLDoc modeling modifications to the Relax module

  • [RELAX-17] - Make test shell full URL rewritable

  • [RELAX-18] - Ability to view resource details from doc viewer


  • Updates on box.json and locations

  • Updated readme

  • Updated full skin assets

  • Included sample resources in build

  • Navigation fixes

  • Module Standalone route generation


  • Fixed resource headers, as they are not showing


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