Just drop into your modules folder or use CommandBox to install

box install relax

System Requirements

  • Lucee 4.5+
  • Railo 4+
  • ColdFusion 9+


You will need to update the your ColdBox.cfc with a relax structure with your preferred settings for Relax.

relax = {
    // The location of the relaxed APIs, defaults to models.resources
    APILocation = "models.resources",
    // Default API to load, name of the directory inside of resources
    defaultAPI = "myapi",
    // History stack size, the number of history items to track in the RelaxURL
    maxHistory = 10


You can look at the samples inside of this module under the models/resources directory. To start you can copy the Relax.cfc into your own project folder and then start spicing up the API via the RelaxDSL methods.

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